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Wincroft Havanese Puppy Health 
Recommended Vaccine Schedule

By: Dr. Jean Dodds
"This schedule is the one I recommend and should NOT be interpreted to mean that other protocols recommended by a veterinarian would be less satisfactory. It's a matter of professional judgement and choice."  (

We believe this is the best vaccine protocol for our Havanese and have been following this for well over 10 years with awesome success.  This allows up to continue to raise our puppies in a holistic natural way. 

Age of Pups & Vaccine Type:   (only 3 rounds)

    9  weeks            MLV Distemper/Parvovirus only (e.g. Intervet Progard Puppy) 

    12 weeks           MLV Distemper/Parvovirus only (e.g. Intervet Progard Puppy) 

    16-20 weeks      MLV Distemper/Parvovirus only (e.g. Intervet Progard Puppy)

    1 year  MLV Distemper/Parvovirus only   (Last one needed, Titer pup for proof of coverage)

    1 year     Killed Rabies Vaccine   
        ** PLEASE give 3-4 weeks apart from Dist/Parvo booster    

    2 year    Killed 3 year rabies vaccine

*MLV=modified-live virus

NEVER GIVE LEPTOSPROSIS to Havanese as many can and will have a reactions from seizures up to possible death!!!!!  Please refer to 

After 1 year, annually measure serum antibody titers against specific canine infectious agents such as distemper and parvovirus. This is especially recommended for animals previously experiencing adverse vaccine reactions or breeds at higher risk for such reactions (e.g., Weimaraner, Akita, American Eskimo, Great Dane). Another alternative to booster vaccinations is homeopathic nosodes. This option is considered an unconventional treatment that has not been scientifically proven to be efficacious. One controlled parvovirus nosode study did not adequately protect puppies under challenged conditions. However, data from Europe and clinical experience in North America support its use. If veterinarians choose to use homeopathic nosodes, their clients should be provided with an appropriate disclaimer and written informed consent should be obtained.

I use only killed 3 year rabies vaccine for adults and give it separated from other vaccines by 3-4 weeks. In some states, they may be able to give titer test result in lieu of booster.

I do NOT use Bordetella, corona virus, leptospirosis or Lyme vaccines unless these diseases are endemic in the local area pr specific kennel. Furthermore, the currently licensed leptospira bacterins do not contain the serovars causing the majority of clinical leptospirosis today.

Do NOT recommend vaccinating bitches during estrus, pregnancy or lactation. Do not vaccinate during times of stress such as: surgery, travel, illness or infection.